HOW WE ARE (proper name, not from apocalyptic in English) is formed by a group of people from different professional background and nationalities, fervent believers of ‘streaming audio’ and committed to the rights of information, freedom of speech, and the dissemination of the world’s arts and culture.

We believe in the World Wide Web as a formidable tool to terminate the borders that knowledge, we believe that it is still possible to generate a natural and simple journalistic and communicative practice without any intent to any class of power and always loyal to the witnessed truth, equality among human beings and social development.

In fit all visions, all beliefs and all positions.


Take advantage of new communication and information technologies to generate an alternative space of streaming audio (radio online) not only where cybernauts find recreation but also different journalistic proposal of communication, accordingly to our times, with the necessary information in different languages to acknowledge and understand our world. Our Mission is the limitless information, from everyone to everyone, at service of imagination, arts and culture, at service of the Freedom of opinion and the right of information with absolute respect to diversity.

As a website of streaming audio, we have the commitment to propel an audio concept at a specific distance for internet. For this sake, we break free from the radio’s traditional rules (many absurd) and broadcast (Hertz waves), written and radio station press that for years have limited communication among peers and the journalistic practice.


Be an informational and entertaining alternative online. Consolidate an audience, in continuous growth, of participative cybernauts that follow us from all over the world. We seek generate a proposal that converts us world reference in streaming audio.